I have much in life to be grateful for: a beautiful family, a wealth of varied experiences and great health. For me, life is enriched by meaningful contributions that equate to positive change; living without passion, effort & influence, simply is not who I am.

When my youngest son was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy, I desperately wanted to understand how, with no family history, he had ended up with this life threatening issue. I explored many theories, discovering that the chemicals we inadvertently eat, use for cleaning, place on our skin & generally come in contact with, was a likely cause of his allergy (and many other health issues suffered by others). This fact immensely distressed me, so I decided to make a positive change by reducing chemicals in our home environment, and when I couldn't find an Australian Organic Skincare range that met my needs, I was inspired to create my own.

After many years of dedicated product development, testing and refinement, I am proud to introduce INDIRA ORGANICS: a gorgeous, strictly chemical free skincare range abundant in organic, Australian ingredients that are designed to provide solutions for the most common skin issues experienced by the modern woman.

Cherie-Ann xx