Are you applying your serum correctly?

It’s no secret, serums are the workhorses of your beauty bag, and can make a tremendous difference in helping you achieve your most perfect skin. However, no matter how fantastic your chosen serum is, you won’t reap its benefits unless you apply it correctly.

In fact, if you don’t apply a serum correctly, it may actually irritate sensitive skin, leaving it red and sore looking – and nobody wants that!

Recently, one of our wonderful clients spoke to me in person about how she had noticed her cheeks were slightly red every time she applied her Indira Organics Hydrating Serum. Upon inquiring how she was applying her serum, she mentioned she was rubbing the serum in with quite sturdy hands, similarly to how she was applying her moisturiser. With some guidance and a few nifty, minor changes to her application (covered below), voila, her red cheeks were gone.

In order to get the most out of your chosen serum, we recommend that you follow these simple steps:

  1. Cleanse well – you really need to ensure that your skin is properly prepped, including exfoliation if necessary. This helps to remove any build up that may hinder the absorption of your serum.
  2. Ensure your skin is moist by applying a toner such as our gorgeous Toning Mist, where ‘wet’ skin is up to 10 times more permeable than dry skin and thus will absorb your serum better. When your skin is dry, think of it like a dry sponge that doesn’t freely absorb liquid, however once activated with liquid, it works so much better, mopping up spills (or in this case, highly active serums) quickly and evenly.
  3. In general, less is more when it comes to serums. The standard amount is two to three drops, or a pea sized amount. You need just enough to lightly cover your entire face and neck, noting that serums are very potent and contain high levels of active ingredients. In fact, an excessive application amount may lead to irritation or poor absorption of the product. Or even worse, wasted product.
  4. There are two different application methods we recommend, so choose what works best for you:
    1. Method 1 is to apply the serum to your face using your fingertips, then lightly tap or press the serum into the skin to assist with absorption.
    2. Method 2 is to use your palms. Gently rub the serum between your palms to warm it up, then lightly press palms onto your skin and pat the serum on in outwards and upwards motion, until fully absorbed.

* For both methods, ensure you avoid tugging the skin or rubbing on your face, as this action may irritate the skin.

  1. Next, take the time to cup your nose with your hands and gently inhale the scent of your serum. All three India Organics serums have been formulated to not only address specific skin concerns, but have been meticulously blended to encourage rejuvenation and sensory pleasure!
  2. While serums do contain low levels of moisturising agents, they aren’t intended to replace your daily moisturiser. Once the serum is fully absorbed, you must apply your daily moisturiser, which helps seal in your serum and create a barrier from the environment to keep skin dewy and healthy.

Like anything, once you know the technique, it’s pretty simple, so I encourage you to take a minute for yourself each morning to enjoy the process and reap the rewards of applying your serum correctly!

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