The hidden benefits of self care

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an effervescent bubble that bounces through life with enthusiasm and love. I am that loud woman bursting off my seat when the Tigers score (another) goal at the AFL Grand Final (go the Tiges!!); that Mum screaming my child’s name at the local Athletics carnival; that person cracking jokes in a serious business meeting (so amusing to see the reaction of others!). I have chosen to live life to the fullest, with a positive mindset and with immense levels of gratitude in the process.

I learned long ago that life is much more enjoyable with a smile on my face, encouraging others to do the same. The saying that ‘you attract more bees with honey’ is spot on in my humble opinion!

I like to volunteer my amateur coaching skills at our local State School during the school term, inspiring and encouraging some truly gorgeous young athletes to be their best in our popular little Running Club sessions. This morning after our warm up, I asked some of the children what they were grateful for. Although they all eventually described something (air, water, running), it was obvious to me that being grateful is not a well-practiced activity for many children (or adults for that matter). In fact, one of the sweet little girls even whispered to me, ‘I’ve never thought about that before’, which got me thinking. Why don’t we spend time acknowledging and appreciating the wonderfulness of life and each other? Why don’t we tell the lady in the store how gorgeous her brilliant red lipstick looks, or comment about how lovely it is to see a colleague look so happy or thank them for their prompt help with an issue? Why don’t we dedicate time to self-care, even though most of us know how important it is for our well being?

The benefits of regularly taking time out, putting yourself first, can be tremendous. Our self-worth grows, our stress levels drop, our resilience to tackle anything life chooses to throw our way increases, our desire to eat nutritious food improves, we sleep better, the list goes on... And a fabulous combined result? Our skin quality improves significantly.

I regularly receive wonderful feedback from our customers who report considerable improvements in their skin conditions such as rosacea and acne when they slow gears and choose to embrace the wonder of life; when they prioritise themselves. When they start to value a healthier approach to eating wholefoods, increasing exercise with a swim here and there or a regular walk with a friend, combined with converting to quality, toxin free, organic skincare such as the Indira Organics range, not only do they begin to feel great about themselves, but their skin quality improves too.

Imagine: making the time to enjoy the process of mindfully washing your face, inhaling the wonderful combination of pure essential oils as the warm water enhances their scents, then relaxing as you gently press your serum into your skin, deliberately breathing in the combination of top notes, middle notes and earthy notes, then finally, massaging your chosen moisturiser into your skin. Life just feels better.

So why don’t you think about being gentle with yourself today? Maybe squeeze in a midday nap, or take things off your to-do list, guilt free? Or find 10 minutes to stretch or even go to a local yoga session tonight? Or spend time tonight having a shower with the Indira Organics Unwind Body wash, breathing in the calming scent of Geranium and Valencia Orange, then follow it up with the earthy yet delightfully grounding tones of our newly released Nourishing Body Oil?

Remember, you are important, you are worthy and you are appreciated and loved by many. Life is an incredible opportunity to share this fascinating journey with other souls, and grow. I am a true believer in the butterfly effect; one small but positive action can spread and effect huge change. So be the change you want to see in others today. Love and treat thyself with care and respect.

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