Less is More

Albert Einstein once said ’Make things as simple as possible but no simpler’, or in other words minimalise where possible but not at the expense of comfort, well being, or in the case of skincare, a wonderful complexion.

In this day and age, making a decision on what skincare products are right for you can feel similar to choosing lollies at a sweet store for an eager child. The possibilities are seemingly endless and there is always something new and exciting drawing ones’ attention! Whilst very often enjoyable to discover new products, the process itself can be exhausting to trawl through the myriad of marketing material and promises, as well as draining on the purse to shell out for products that often don’t quite live up to the hype.

With this common confusion point (or annoyance, depending how you look at it!), when creating the Indira Organics brand we focused our efforts on designing individual ranges to target the most common skin concerns (including congestion, skin dehydration and pigmentation), to help simplify your product choice.

Another important aspect in creating the Indira Organics line was to design a skincare routine that followed a less is more approach to allow you to achieve the most out of your skincare routine, as simply as possible. Personal experience has shown that there is little value to layering product after product on your skin. Not only does this take considerable time when most of us are stretched as it is, but this practice can be expensive. Furthermore, applying too many products at once can have an adverse effect on the skin, often leaving it sensitive and irritated.

Alternatively, a simple yet effective routine that packs a punch, incorporating a few clever multi-tasking products to provide a balanced array of goodies, will often deliver superior results. After all, when a skincare routine is low maintenance, easy to follow and achieves results, it’s pretty certain there’s a good chance you’ll stick to it!

Our easy-to-use packs for each range deliver genuinely fantastic results for glowing skin, with two wonderful set options as follows:

  1. Our Everyday Set provides the products you need for everyday skin health, incorporating a Cleanser for morning and night use, a Serum and Moisturiser for day use after cleansing, and an Oil for night use alone after cleansing. Simple to use, and very effective at addressing not only your targeted skin concern, but achieving an overall glowing complexion.
  1. Our Complete Set includes everything that’s in our Everyday Pack plus Toning Mist and Exfoliating Cream for when your skin calls for these products.

We also offer very handy sample packs that include miniatures of our Everyday Packs so you can experience the range of your choice before investing in our full-sized products or sets. This is the perfect way to test whether the products are right for your skin, easy!

Finally, in line with the less is more approach, one of the most consistently appreciated aspects of our product range is the relatively small amount of each product required. Quite simply, a little goes a long way due the high volume of quality ingredients that we incorporate into every product.

We’re confident you’ll agree that less is more, ironically in more ways than one when using the Indira Organics range.

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I had a sample box of 50ml revitalising moisturiser/30ml hydrating serum/lip to cheek-dusty pink lip and cheek, given as a present. I would like to buy this sample pack but could not find it on your page on the website.
Also do you have an outlet in the UK for your products, if not, where are your outlets in Australia, I am hoping to come and stay in Brisbane for xmas with my son. It would be nice to replenish these products.
Could you tell me the amount of product in the full size of the above, and the price. I really loved the effect they had on my skin. I have just turned 80. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hilary Taylor December 05, 2022

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