Setting your skin up for success

Skin care gurus swear by it, as do many celebrities. Meghan Markle and Kerry Washington are reported proponents as were timeless beauties Marilyn Munroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Whilst most have heard of the Korean beauty process ‘Double Cleansing’, do you know what it actually is? A relatively new concept to many, it’s a nearly century-old skincare secret that was popularised early last century in the 1930s.

In its simplest form ‘Double Cleansing’ is a two-step cleansing process using two completely different cleansers — one that is oil-based (such as our Indira Organics Cream Cleanser), followed by a second water-based cleanser (such as our Indira Organics Cleansing Gel).

In any typical day your skin is exposed to a huge array of environmental pollutants such as car fumes, dust and microbes passed through air conditioning, not to mention the application of products such as sunscreen and makeup that can wreak havoc on skin health. And that’s before considering sweat and the usual excretion of sebum over the day. Mix in regular doses of bacteria from our hands (and even some left-over residue from lunch) and you have yourself a pretty impressive concoction of grime and general filth on your face at the end of each day!

You’re probably aware that the build-up of residue, oil, dirt and cosmetic products left without being thoroughly removed can leave the skin looking dull and tired in appearance, but did you know that it also contributes to clogging your pores, which then can lead to breakouts and even enlarged pores?

The Double Cleansing method hinges on the science-backed principle that oil-based cleansers effectively remove excess oil residue from the skin as well as oil-based products such as makeup and sunscreen, whilst water-based cleansers rid the skin of any pore-clogging dirt that remains, revealing perhaps the cleanest skin and clearest pores you’ll ever know: skin that’s gloriously clean and thereby ready to receive the active products in your skincare routine such as one of our restorative evening oils (that we will address in a future blog piece).

Another way to explain the Double Cleansing method is via the scientific principle that like dissolves like, meaning that oil-based cleansers can very effectively dissolve oil-based dirt, cosmetics, and residue, whilst water-based cleansers remove non-oil-based dirt, cosmetics, and residue. Essentially, once the oil-based grime is removed, you can then penetrate the pores more deeply with the water-based cleanser. And if you use a reusable cloth to assist in gentle exfoliation, this will often result in even more thorough results.

As with any beauty process it’s important to consider possible side effects when introducing a new method into your routine. In the case of Double Cleansing, it’s reasonable to question that this technique may lead to over-washing one’s face, and that it may therefore be counter-productive. There’s no question that keeping the skin happy is a tricky balance, thus when using two cleansers, it is essential to choose products that are extra gentle to avoid skin irritation. The Indira Organics cleansers are formulated to be incredibly calming and nourishing for the skin – not only do they cleanse the skin thoroughly, but they will leave it soft and hydrated without stripping the skin of its natural barrier. And an added bonus is that they smell like you’ve just visited a day spa!

The other point raised by some is that the Double Cleansing method takes longer to complete (at the end of another long day!) There is no argument that the time spent on this part of your skincare routine will obviously increase however rest assured the benefits of spending a little extra time on Double Cleansing is worth your while, setting your skin up perfectly to absorb the next product in your skincare routine.

In the case of cleansing, slow and steady definitely wins the race.

And the improvement to your skin may just be the game-changer you've been searching for.

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