Rushing Woman Syndrome and the effect on your skin

As I sit here at my local café stomach rumbling, waiting for my mouth-watering haloumi stack to arrive, I reflect on my last few weeks of activity and food consumption. A busy bee to say the least (but when is that different?) however my usual routine has fallen away. Normally, I pride myself on making time for at least a couple of quality work outs every week; squeezing in a sprinkling of green shakes that get a 5star award for goodness (and fibre), plus a decent amount of ‘me’ time to walk and talk with girlfriends. Nope, none of that this fortnight, it’s been a case of moving from one activity to the next: study, lots (and lots) of time in the lab producing and developing (awesomeness), air flights, business meetings, zoom calls etc. And then of course balancing my family-life which has included a new driver’s license in da house (eeek for so many reasons!), soccer matches, helping with exam study and the usual motherly demands.

I guess I could be forgiven, now that I reflect, for dropping the bundle on my regular exercise routine, and my not-so-great food intake. That is another story entirely. Coffee featured heavily for this little munchkin, take away dinners and more wine than I should (although more was rather fun admittedly!). Whilst each treat was consumed with appreciation and even delight, there are a few things that have become apparent.

Let’s start with my energy levels. OMG have I felt lethargic! I have tried to remedy this at the back end with some quality naturopath prescribed supplements and iron tablets, but holeeee nothing can take the place of the real thing. This was most apparent when I stepped back in to the gym yesterday and tried to push some iron; I literally had to call it quits after 20min. I was hurting, but not the type you persist through, like reeeeally lackluster with zero energy.

Then let’s talk about the moods. Unusually grouchy, less tolerant and with waning patience, and overall: not myself. I know these may sound like peril-menopausal symptoms to those in the know, but my gut is telling me this is not where I’m quite at in life…just in a space of rushing woman!

The most profound change however has been to my skin. Normally it’s pretty clear with the odd small hormonal breakout here and there, but right now I’m experiencing congestion on my cheeks where I never experience congestion. Nothing hectic, but all the same, enough for me to know that the changes to my routine are the cause. And more than likely, mainly due to the food I have been consuming. So dear reader, the solution, and the take away (pun intended!) is that your routine, and in particular, your food intake is absolutely vital when it comes to skin health.

This week I’m making a choice, a choice to clean up my act. Starting with (1) more consistent exercise, I’m carving out some time to do something physical each and every day this week. Fitness class, a walk, a swim, it matters not, all that matters is that I’m going to reawaken my sluggish body. Then, and possibly more importantly (2) I’m going to get back on my usual healthy-eating wagon. Off to the greengrocer I will trot post delicious vegan café fuel, and delight in filling my basket with fresh and delicious in-season fruit.

Then finally (3) I will get back into a skincare routine that starts with a hardy (but gentle) exfoliation and a deep cleanse using two of our delightful products – our Exfoliating Cream and unique triple-action Clarifying Clay Mask. Cheers to that, or should I say, green shake nod to my wholesome plan forward.

By the way, my haloumi stack was utterly delicious – fried, stretchy, salty haloumi, coupled with thick crusty toast and avocado, drizzled with a tasty balsamic syrup. Mm mm mmmmmmm 😊

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