The unexpected triumphs of a brand relaunch

Just in case you haven’t been tracking (yes, admittedly I am SHOCKING at socials and must get better!), over the last few weeks we have relaunched Indira Organics. Not that it was all editorials and fireworks as that’s not how we roll, it was a far more stealthy affair in the veil of night…well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but there was certainly no fanfare!

Whilst the decision to rebrand was a remarkably easy one because we understood the importance/benefit to all to modernise the look and feel of Indira to reflect our evolving values and incorporate some lessons learnt, the act of rebranding demanded far more energy and attention to detail than I could ever have imagined. There were the (27 detailed) labels, a gorgeous new logo, the never-ending supporting collateral, our beautiful stockists to keep informed, a website to update, new photos, some important updates to existing products to be made (no easy or quick feat noting the testing required) and some (incredible) new products. We made the decision in December 2022, and by June 2023, our dream of Indira Organics 2.0 was realised. A few weeks later as the dust begins to settle I’m taking time to acknowledge the huge accomplishment that this little duck managed with the incredible talents of Michelle, Laila, Darian and Wendy to name a few amazing ladies who contributed hugely.

As I sit here at my local cafe, merely a few short weeks post exhibiting our new look at the Naturally Good Expo at the Sydney Convention Centre, today I’m taking the time to reflect. Surrounded by gorgeous trees, the laughter of children from neighbouring tables, the rich smell of roasted coffee from the checkout area and delicious breakfast smells, not to mention the one-on-one banter from the café owners, I’m taking a breath.

I’ve just opened our webpage to absorb the beauty of our new packaging which has been stunningly captured by incredible photographer Darian, who has become a trusted friend over the last few years that she has photographed for Indira, and I’m pinching myself in acknowledgement of the dream that I am slowly realising. Firstly, my best friend in the whole world is my business partner. Imagine that! Then I work daily with the most incredibly talented women in their own fields (and some wonderful men too whom I deal with in our supply chain). And then, I literally get to help people learn about selfcare and empower them to feel great about themselves through daily skin care. Whoa?! And what about the fact that I get to ‘play’ in my personal lab on most days of the week to hone my craft as a formulator to create the most delightful skincare products that bring joy to people’s lives? I feel so incredibly grateful I am almost bursting as I type…

To remind myself of the sacrifice that has been part of the journey is a strong thought I have too, having moved from a completely different professional background as an engineer in the Royal Australian Air Force and retrain in my mid-thirties as a formulator and trust my gut to follow my passion. To manage the (almost daily) torments of small business, endure the highs and low of entrepreneurship, all whilst retaining my sanity. I chuckle as I write, reflecting on the ridiculous prospect of creating an organic skincare line in a completely flooded market that is not without charlatans and those out to make a quick buck. Who on earth is foolish enough to take a leap of faith as I have done, ha?!

Part of the reason for my post today is first and foremost to encourage you to take the leap of faith if you feel utterly driven to make a difference. If you see a problem and feel strongly that you can provide a solution or create expansion for others, and instinctively know you are the person with the niche qualities to do so, I implore you to consider the road of entrepreneurship. Know that life is short, you are stronger than you may credit yourself, and that in making the choice to do so, you will never be left wondering.

The other reason for my words today is to share with you my excitement in the changes we have made to Indira Organics.

Most notably that our products are now housed in gorgeous miron glass, which I will detail the incredible benefits of in future posts. The look and feel of this gorgeous material is second to none. Next, that our labels now center around the gorgeous artwork from the amazing artist/creator and my business partner (in crime) Michelle, a supremely talented woman who has been a vital support for many years. And also, that we have elevated many of our formulas to include some prized remedial ingredients to nurture the health of your skin, such as CO2 extracted calendula, probiotic radish ferment to improve the microbiome of your skin, hemp seed and black cumin for incredible repair and skin restoration…the list goes on! And then there are some remarkable new actives we have also incorporated such as active native Rosella to plump the skin, the incredible bakuchiol - a vitamin A equivalent – and different grades of hyaluronic acid to improve the penetration of actives to different levels of the skin.

I can’t wait to share more details of our incredible products in future posts and on social media in the near future. And I can’t wait for you to discover your best skin naturally in the beautiful Indira products that await.

And remember you are only limited by your imagination. You are awesome. You are enough. And you have this. Onward and upwards dear friend x

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