The Beauty of Handcrafted Skincare

Do you remember the last time you received a handmade gift; a gift that was made with love and intention? Maybe a set of intricately beaded earrings, a soy candle with a soft, dainty scent, or an imperfectly twined bead tree that sparkles in the sun. How did you feel?

Wouldn’t you agree there is something utterly delightful about buying or receiving a product that has been made by hand with attention to detail and mindfulness? Far from ’cheap and nasty’, handcrafted products are unique, perhaps even decadent, and leave one feeling enriched.

Recently I purchased some tea from a friend who is developing her own organic tea brand. Once ordered, my parcel of tea arrived in a gorgeous gold cannister with a hand-written note that explained some of the unique ingredients within. When I sat down excited to try her beautiful blends, the entire process of steeping then sipping the tea felt very different – I felt like I was doing something truly special to care for my well-being.

In today’s fast-paced world, we are programmed to accept products that are mass produced as normal. Non-descript clothing made with low quality materials that fall apart or lose their shape during their first wash; food that is filled with low quality fats and chemically treated ingredients that offer little or no nutritional value but instead, toxic pollutants that burden the body; or skincare, coloured and perfumed with ingredients that poison one’s system.

Disturbingly, mass-produced products have become the norm and typically we think nothing of it, not giving any thought to who made the product under what conditions and in what environment; so often our purchases are selfishly about the quick-fix we get when buying something new, just because.

Moving the lens to skincare, I wonder if you have considered where any commercial products you own are made, or what they contain. Does it surprise you that most well-known skincare brands exist simply to make money for large corporations that ironically do not pay an ounce of thought to the impact of their manufacturing processes or the potential risks to consumer health from the vast array of chemicals they place in their products?

Handcrafted skincare, or artisan if you will, is typically created with exceptional attention to detail. The Indira Organics range is responsibly created in a professional laboratory environment with each highly developed formula chosen for a specific reason whether it be as an anti-aging ingredient, an anti-oxidant or an active. There is an art to formulating by hand that requires patience and diligence.  

For almost a year I mulled over the idea of contract manufacturing vs. handcrafting my products. If I outsourced, I would be able to sell far more, including the enticing prospect of exporting pallet-loads of my Australian goods that were already so eagerly sought by many-an overseas buyer. More products, less time, more money……However me being me, when I took time to consider what I was trying to achieve with my brand: A. To help women reduce chemicals in their everyday lives, starting with organic skincare, and B. To do something purposeful that I truly loved; there was really only one option for me, much to the shock of so many when the huge dollars were there for the making.

In the end, making the decision to handcraft the Indira Organics range was not hard. For me, it was about the whole process: not only using my various qualifications as a formulator to develop and manufacture – a process I thoroughly enjoyed - but more importantly, being present with every beautiful product I manufactured. It meant I had total control over the selection of every quality ingredient, and was able to choose packaging that was entirely fit-for-purpose and eco-friendly. And it was far more important to me to reach a smaller number of genuinely appreciative customers than a huge crowd of people that prioritised cost over meaning.

If I am to lament, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy every element of handcrafting skincare. Yes, handcrafting skincare takes considerable time, precision and unwavering presence, however I firmly believe the end product is something unparalleled in quality and significance. Quite simply, with handcrafting, you pay for what you get, and in this case, with the Indira Organics range you receive quality skincare that is intentionally made with passion, from my heart to yours xx

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My skin and I thank you for being you xoxoxo.

Debbie Demaj September 23, 2020

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