Swapping the 9-5 rush for a more Authentic Existence

I’m sitting in my favourite local park having just dried one of the dripping park seat benches with some stray tissues from my pocket after the morning’s downpour. The smell of earth is rich, the sound of birds are many, and I have a freshly brewed café coffee within arm’s length. Life is pretttttty good!

After much deliberation (which is common in my head let me tell you!) a few short years ago I made the VERY bold decision to pursue a completely new path that has now become my boutique artisan skincare brand, Indira Organics, motivated by a genuine desire to help others reduce chemicals in their lives. Two young boys in tow, and with a husband who I can assure you was marginally sceptical although of course doing his best to mask it, I changed gears from a well-paying, certain career in the field of engineering to an unpredictable and perhaps somewhat mystical future, determined to explore my heart’s pull toward fulfilling a more authentic existence. I heard statements from family members such as: ‘it’s all been done before’ and ‘there’s already a s^&* load of skincare brands on the market’ many, many times, but spurred on by my conviction that I had something unique and wonderful to offer, I committed myself to the land of the unknown!

Ha, was I in for a shock! Over the years that followed, never did I work so hard nor question myself so much, even with the healthy level of self-belief I possessed. Gradually however I began to experience clarity in my existence and that was more rewarding and inspiring than any pay cheque I had ever received, inspiring me to steadily continue my business development, product refinement and brand growth.

In just a few transformative years I have sculpted a completely new life where regularly I employ almost my entire arsenal of gifted skills to their best use, handcrafting gorgeous organic skincare of my own creation for a growing audience of truly grateful customers. I feel a complete sense of peace and gratitude for the space I have created, plus secretly, best of all I have moved from daily interaction in the man’s world of construction to a fulfilling existence where I connect with other like-minded spirits and share my passion for clean beauty and holistic health – high five to that :o)

So many of us question whether we should change careers or try somethings new even though we know it could transform our lives and lead us to sincere life satisfaction. Often we fear both success and failure simultaneously, and perhaps most typically are uncertain how to make the break whilst still attending to the responsibilities a family unit demands.

I interact with so many passionate, intelligent and gorgeous women who are so keen to make a difference in the world yet not quite sure how or where to start. I say wholeheartedly: have trust that if you have a passion and make the choice to follow that passion, others will support you and will find inspiration in what you do.

It’s time to allow yourself to not only dream, but explore the world you want to be a part of and make a difference in. It’s time to leave the doldrums of the 9-5 rush and a drain and tediousness this so often overwhelmingly brings. It’s time to follow your heart and create a new path.

The world needs you and all that you have to offer. Believe it, live it, love it.

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