How to achieve Winter-ready skin

Perhaps my favourite memories of all time were those of when I would rise at the edge of dawn, as the sun was just beginning to kiss the rolling hills that surrounded our semi-rural property on the outskirts of Melbourne. Running shoes and short-shorts (!) on, I would quietly float through the front door excited for the Winter chill that was about to open my lungs as I climbed untold vertical heights.

Whilst I know that for some this may sound like the storyline of a bad dream, freezing one’s behind with lung’s struggling for air, but for me it provided an escapism like no other from the torture that was VCE. Yay, fun - not!

Apart from the obvious health benefits of my morning 5km runs, what I took away from this experience was a need to care for my skin as a teenager, if I wanted to avoid the dry and flakiness that would otherwise have overcome my vain face. Running in the brisk, cold, dry mornings I learnt that if I didn’t look after my delicate, porcelain skin, via a strict routine that considered my environment, my skin would wither like the dry leaves that crunched under my feet.

Whilst Winter brings untold pleasures, it also introduces dry, blustery conditions that are a far cry from those that keep skin comfortable during the warmer months. And then of course central heating can equally zap skin of moisture. The result is often uncomfortably dry, dull skin, often with a poor barrier function to match.

So with this in mind, here are 5 tried and tested tips to keep your skin glowing with health as Winter sets in:

  1. Use the correct moisturiser. Moving from your usual moisturiser to something richer that is enriched with butters and other skin-loving ingredients can bring untold gains. Our Renew Moisturiser offers the perfect solution for the Winter months, with its base of hydrating organic Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Shea and Cocoa Butter, with the purist of ceramides that work to fortify your skin barrier to maintain a healthy glow. Plus it has a gentle floral-citrus scent with an underlying intoxicating blend of Frankincense and Seabuckthorn that deliver remedial properties to boot!
  2. Stay hydrated both inside and out. This tip is unsurprisingly key to achieving Winter glowing skin, whilst also keeping healthy. Be sure to maintain your usual level of water because whilst you may not be as thirsty, your body still requires the same levels of internal hydration. Herbal teas can be a wonderful way to boost internal hydration. And externally, be sure to bolster your routine with either our Hydrating Serum which is rich in the potent hydrating superstar hyaluronic acid or our divine Hydrating Mist which is packed full of goodies such as the native botanical Kakadu Plum a powerful antioxidant. Better still, layer your hydration with both!
  3. Gently Exfoliate. If you’re not already exfoliating on the regular, this step is unmissable, particularly as the weather cools and humidity decreases, often leaving skin flaky and dull. Our gorgeous Exfoliating Cream is gentle enough to use every other day and will noticeably minimise dead skin cell build up for smooth, glowing skin.
  4. Step up your routine with an oil. Or better still, incorporate our new facial balm (our Problem Solver) into your routine, soon to be released, this July! Whilst oils are an incredible way to help prevent water loss, firm and tone skin, this gorgeous balm provides unparalleled nourishment, perfect for the Winter months, tremendously assisting to restore the skin barrier.
  5. Care for your entire body. Whilst this final tip may sound obvious, don’t forget to indulge your entire body. Enjoy warm baths (not too hot) with our Soak Bath Salts that, and add moisture with our Enchant Body Oil or our Radiant Body Moisturiser!

Hopefully these tips help you tweak your Winter routine. As always, aa regular approach to skincare delivers the best results, so be sure to set aside regular time to nurture your skin, even when the coldest days set in.

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