The astounding benefits of working a clay mask into your routine

Do you remember when your mother used to tell you to polish your school shoes when they were a little scuffed and looking worse for wear? Well maybe your Mum wasn’t quite as concerned about appearance as mine, but I have to admit, when I did bring out the polish and brush and give things a good buff, I felt much sharper and more on my game!

Much like the buffing efforts of cleaning ones’ shoes, when caring for your skin, a clay mask can markedly elevate the feel, function and appearance of your skin; in other words, if your skin is looking pretty amazing right now, be prepared to draw more than a few warm praises once you introduce a clay mask into your routine 😍

The use of clays for their healing properties is not new, with their benefits being greatly appreciated for eons. There are indications that Homo erectus (one of our ancestors 1.9 million years ago!) and Neanderthals used ochres mixed with water and different types of mud in order to cure wounds, soothe irritations and as a way of cleaning the skin. Clay came into common use in the 19th century as topical treatments for surgical wounds, demonstrating their beneficial effects for pain management, inflammation, putrefaction and healing processes.

Modern clay masks are generally made from several types of clay, with their most common function to absorb excess oil, manage dry skin and in some cases even helping to prevent mild acne symptoms such as whiteheads, blackheads and oversized pores. A well-formulated mask can also be very effective in reducing symptoms of dermatitis, with some people swearing by clay masks to help manage skin disorders such as psoriasis, rosacea and eczema.

It’s important to note that no two clays are identical, with some having much more highly valued properties than others.

Clay such as bentonite is considered to have AB-sorbent powers and is capable of absorbing sebum, bacteria and various irritants from the skin, whilst also exfoliating dead skin cells and blackheads. This absorbent action can also create a lovely refreshing sensation on the skin which in turn promotes a gentle antiseptic action.

AD-sorbent clay on the other hand, binds to particles such as grime and dirt on the skin, and is very easily removed. Adsorbent clays are beautifully effective for skin types that contain less sebum (ie; aging skin), as they won’t leave the skin feeling dry and looking like a prune!

Our Clarifying Clay Mask has been designed with a unique tri-action function to draw impurities from the pores and soothe, whilst also gently exfoliating the skin. This unique mask incorporates a delightfully nourishing combination of both adsorbent and absorbent clays to help balance the skin (for all skin types), as well as a carefully selected blend of powerful botanical extracts to deliver other wonderful benefits.

We incorporate Ghassoul Clay, a luxurious clay that is nutrient-dense, containing high percentages of silica and magnesium (along with potassium and calcium), with a powerful drawing effect whilst still being gentle and softening on the skin. Bentonite (derived from volcanic ash) has been incorporated for its highly effective absorbent qualities and ability to very effectively help draw toxins from the skin.

Kaolin also features prominently in our clay mask: a beautifully mild clay, helping to stimulate circulation in the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing. It has strong adsorbent properties which assists in the effortless mask removal of this mask. Activated charcoal also has wonderful adsorbent properties and gives this mask its unique silvery tone, which we all love and hope you do too!

Many clay masks incorporate a variety of extracts for specific skin benefits, which is a lovely bonus. Our Clarifying Clay Mask is enriched with a unique blend of botanical extracts including White Willow Bark to help settle inflamed skin and clear clogged pores, Gotu Kola to help stimulate collagen levels, and Calendula & native Desert Lime to help soothe and calm the skin.

Another wonderful feature of our Clarifying Clay Mask is that it's produced in powder form, waiting to be activated before every application with either water or your favourite toning mist. The inactivated form helps to maintain the precious qualities of the blended ingredients, whilst also reducing the likelihood of irritation because no preservatives are required to keep the mask fresh, unlike other cream-based masks that require heavy-duty preservative-systems to keep them safe – which can be extremely irritating to some people.

We also love that through water-activation, you are forced to slow down and mindfully mix and apply your mask in a ritualistic fashion. Don’t you agree there is nothing quite like indulging in the practice of self-care?

Hopefully you're now convinced of the absolute power and benefits of adding a clay mask to your routine for improved skin, more specifically our Clarifying Clay Mask!

But wait there’s one more thing....after you’ve applied/removed any clay mask, for a short time your skin remains in a ‘hyper-porous’ state, meaning that cosmetic ingredients are more readily absorbed by the skin and can more easily reach the deepest layers of the epidermis, so the benefits of your follow-on products will be optimised - yay!

What’s there not to love about clay masks, in particular our new Clarifying Clay Mask, I ask you?!

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