The types of hyaluronic acid and why you need it if you want great skin!

Have you ever watched a TV advertisement for skincare and upon listening to their marketing lingo wondered, is that even a word?

I know I have, and I’m an experienced formulator who is pretty on my game.

The latest phrase that caught my attention was ‘micro-epidermic hyaluronic acid’, which is a fancy new way of saying ‘ultra molecular weight hyaluronic acid’. According to the ad in question, use of different grades of hyaluronic is revolutionary and is ‘scientifically advanced’. Well thanks big marketing cosmetic machine, that’s very kind of you to acknowledge because as the chief formulator of our micro skincare brand (haha pun intended), clearly we are considerably more scientifically advanced than some of the biggest guys in the cosmetics business. Proudly we have been incorporating different grades of hyaluronic acid into our formulas for years!

As you may or may not be aware, hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin and is an important molecule that both attracts and retains water, where hydrated cells particularly on the outer surface of the skin, are healthy cells that noticeably boost complexion. Hyaluronic is a humectant (meaning that it’s water attracting) and is produced in the dermal layers of the skin which sit at the lower levels. It’s important to note that the oral supplementation of hyaluronic does not work as the skin can’t absorb it from the bloodstream, thus meaning that we have to rely on our own production or receive it from topical application.

As we age, our natural hyaluronic stores become both depleted in levels and degraded in quality due to enzyme action which can result in reduced firmness and elasticity in the skin. In fact by the age of about 50, you will have lost approximately 30% of your natural hyaluronic levels - how rude! Hyaluronic is extremely popular in skincare because skin firmness is related to hydration so by using skincare that contains this ingredient, skin will appear more youthful.

In fact listen up dear reader, because this is important!

Most of us are trying to dodge those pesky wrinkles, so let me explain how they develop and how you can slow their progression.

Wrinkle formation is related to the skin’s internal and external elasticity balance. As we age, the outer layers of the skin lose hydration and (without well formulated skincare to counter this scenario) will in fact noticeably begin to harden. At the same time, the lower levels of the skin conversely begin to lose firmness. The overall result? The hard outer layer with a soft inner layer creates an imbalance where wrinkles then form, much like how a shrivelled sultana appears.

Do not fret my pretties because there are practical and relatively effortless ways to very effectively slow fine line and wrinkle formation primarily via a considered skincare approach, one where quality ingredients exist at the heart of each and every product. Say for example with the Indira Organics range. 

Let me explain….

In short if you want to slow the formation of wrinkles, you need a quality skincare routine that helps you maintain a soft and hydrated outer as well as a firm and elastic inner - it’s truly that simple!

An effective skincare routine should include a combination of emollients (oils that repair and supply important nutrients), occlusives (ingredients that prevent water loss and critical to restore and maintain the skin’s barrier), and possibly most importantly, it should be super rich in humectants to ensure that skin is kept sufficiently hydrated and supple, where hyaluronic acid is perhaps the most effective humectant that exists in the world of cosmetics. 

As per chocolate, not all skincare ingredients (and of course products) are made equal and when it comes to hyaluronic acid, for best results, your skincare should include a blend of different grades to ensure that balanced inner and outer layers effect is achieved. Here’s a quick explanation of the different grades and what they do for your skin:

(1) Ultra low hyaluronic acid is made up of super tiny molecules that deeply penetrate the lowest levels of the (epidermis layer of the) skin to plump and deeply hydrate for prolonged periods even after the product has been washed off at the end of the day What’s particularly brilliant about this type of hyaluronic acid is that it signals to skin cells to synthesise new hyaluronic molecules which improve skin health and functionality. As indicated earlier, this phenomenal ingredient is not very widely used within the cosmetic industry because its not as well understood, is not easily available and is very expensive. I might add that this incredible ingredient is used in our Hydration Serum, Pigmentation Serum and Hydrating Mist.

(2) Low molecular hyaluronic acid is composed of slightly bigger molecules and is often incorporated for it’s ability to penetrate the mid layer of the (epidermis portion of the) skin to lock in moisture and noticeably plump. This grade helps retain moisture levels so that skin keeps hydrated throughout the day. As per ultra low, we also use this ingredient in our Hydration Serum, Pigmentation Serum and Hydrating Mist.

(3) High molecular hyaluronic acid is best at binding water but can’t penetrate the skin’s surface beyond a few cell layers which means it plumps the surface of the skin temporarily. It’s widely known that it can retain 1000 times its weight in water, the result being that skin looks dewy and fresh. This grade of hyaluronic acid effectively forms a water attracting film on top of the skin. We incorporate this ingredient in our Revitalising Moisturiser, Renew Moisturiser and our Eye Cream, as well as our three serums.

So that kinda summarises hyaluronic acid and it’s tremendous importance in skincare for you. As a quick aside, food, exercise and internal hydration are all very important for healthy skin too, so don’t forget these, however it’s excellent quality skincare that can sincerely make the difference.

There’s no doubt that the hype that surrounds hyaluronic acid is warranted. What’s more, not all products are made equal, but rest assured when you incorporate the Indira Organics products of Hydrating Mist, any of our serums or moisturisers or our gorgeous eye cream, that your hyaluronic needs are perfectly met which will help you achieve your healthiest complexion yet, and better still, it will help stave off those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

Discover your best skin naturally with the Indira range today!

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