A Time to Give

Remember waking up as a small child on Christmas morning and being beside yourself with excitement? Or your birthday? I still can remember these times clearly. Finding a trampoline in the backyard before the sun had risen on Christmas morning one year – how did Santa get that beast on his sleigh I pondered at the time!

And today I get to share in the fun of giving, which is at times even more enjoyable, if not a tad difficult to find the perfect gift that will light up another's face!

There’s a lot of history in giving gifts

Gift giving has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, the act of which is usually a show of love and affection, particularly at times like Mother’s Day.

But gift giving has also played an important role in representing status throughout the ages. From the bestowing of gifts from a clan leader to his favourites, to the many gifts buried with Egyptian pharaohs. From Mesopotamian jewellery used as offerings to the gods, to gifts in medieval times to secure favour or show allegiance. Gift giving has a rich history, literally!

That brings us to today where we continue to give gifts for all manner of occasions and celebrations, with the intention of brightening another’s day and bringing a smile to one’s face.

Giving connects us to each other

On a basic level, gift giving allows people to connect. Who hasn’t felt the excitement of finding the “perfect” gift for someone special and looking forward to seeing their eyes light up when they open it?

The act of giving is our means to communicate how we feel about someone, and similarly the act of receiving generates a response in feeling, hopefully a good one! Our Indira Organics team love giving gifts to each other, many times just a small “thinking of you” gift to demonstrate how much we care about each other and want them to know that. It makes us feel great to know that the people we care about know we care.

There are many ways to give so give what works for you

There are many opportunities to show we care about others, and we can do it each and every day without spending a cent. Here are a few ideas: expressing care through our words and actions; devoting time to help someone out when they are in need; letting someone know how we feel about them with sincerity; or a beautifully written card.

If we all looked at where we can give some of our kind words, time or acts of services to others then our world will be a MUCH better place. So give what works for you, be as generous as you can be, and know that whatever it is makes a difference to the person receiving it.

Obviously we at Indira Organics love a reason to celebrate the special people in our lives, so Mother’s Day is a favourite time for us. If you’re searching for a gift that Mum will love, check out our exquisite Mother’s Day Packs, designed to pamper and show your appreciation. Or why not indulge for yourself or your bestie 💕

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