The eyes have it

Remember that song, ‘Always look on the bright side of life’? Well I genuinely try to live my life like this each and every day.

Catch every single red light on my way into town? Time to slow down and focus on my breathing for 2min (or put on my mascara that I didn’t manage to do before I raced out the door).

Hole in my favourite yoga leggings? Time to go shopping for another pair.

Store out of my favourite milk? An opportunity to try another type.

So yeah, I’m pretty good at flipping most situations to the positive.

When it comes to looking at myself in the mirror, the notion of looking on the bright side is becoming more and more challenging. Generally, I do like what I see, but there was a time when my aging eyes were all I could notice and not in a good way. Sure they’re blue and spritely, but I had noticed that over the years the lines sitting under my eyes were becoming more pronounced and the skin less taut. If I were living my mantra to always see the positives, I recognised that my lines existed from the countless number of smiles I had experienced over the years, and bonus (!), there were no frown lines in sight (pun intended).

As many of us can attest to, eye skin discoloration and fine lines can have a negative impact on one’s self esteem due to the eyes playing a key role in one’s overall appearance. While we can’t stop the aging process completely, we can aim for great self care and a fantastic eye cream.

As an aside I remember being told as a young child that a person’s eyes are the window to their soul which always had me curious. Did that mean that people could tell what I was really thinking just by looking into my eyes? Or perhaps they would fall deep into my being much like Alice was drawn down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, simply by catching a glimpse of my eyes. At the time, my mind boggled with a disconcerting blend of adventure and alarm! With life experience I have come to understand that the saying had nothing at all to do with the psychedelic state that led to the penmanship which brought Alice to life.  Much more instead about the emotional state reflected by how one’s eyes appear to observers. In fact some would say that our eyes, just like our body language, can often give us away completely.

Anyway, I digress, which is not at all uncommon for those who enjoy reading this blog, ha! 

As we age the skin around our eyes becomes thinner due to loss of fatty tissue which allows the blood vessels directly beneath to show through, showing as dark circles. Loss of sleep and poor nutrition can further exacerbate the situation by causing the skin to become pale which allows the blood vessels to be even more visible. Furthermore, the skin also naturally loses collagen and elasticity, causing lines and wrinkles to form.

So it became my mission a few years ago to create an eye cream that helped restore the balance. I am a cosmetic formulator after all, trained in the ways of creating cosmetics that not only feel and smell great, but are also effective. I wanted to bring to life an eye cream that was exceptional, one that delivered results equal or better than some of the high-end products I have tried (I am talking truly high end $700 eye creams by the way).

I worked tirelessly to formulate an eye cream that targeted declining collagen levels, helped hydrate, brighten, and address fine lines and dark circles. Just as importantly it’s consistency had to be spot on! It needed to have just the right volume, absorption and comfort over the day, plus have the perfect spread-ability with no ‘balling’ – as so many creams I had tried annoyingly did. It had to incorporate exceptional quality ingredients that noticeably plumped the eye area to deliver long term change. But ultimately it was imperative that the final eye product delivered results that were second to none to address fine lines and restore the delicate eye area.

The result? An eye cream that has an extremely considered formula that incorporates a delicate blend of nourishing and restorative butters, plumping and active ingredients (roll in the Hyaluronic, Cucumber and Burdekin Plum), addresses dark circles (why hello my friend caffeine), and delivers the ultimate anti-aging effects (bonjour Apricot Oil).

And so it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our truly glorious Regenerative Eye Cream which I genuinely believe is the best quality eye cream that exists for its price. But don’t take my word for it, I invite you to explore this claim for yourself x

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