Self Care in a Glass

Most of us know how important water is for our health. Between 50-80% of the human body is made up of water and most people will die if they go 72 hours without a drink!

According to Health Direct, all of the body’s chemical processes take place in water. We need water for digestion, to absorb nutrients, to help us move, get rid of waste products and to regulate our body temperature. If the body doesn’t have enough water (known as dehydration), it won’t function as well. People who don’t drink enough water every day are at greater risk of kidney stones, problems with their heart valves and some kinds of cancer. Even minor dehydration can affect physical and mental performance.

When we consider our skin health, some of the most important contributing processes are the correct digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as elimination of waste from our bodies. When inadequate hydration occurs, skin is starved of nutrient nourishment and the elimination process is disrupted. The body’s plan B to get rid of toxins is through the skin, which can result in a myriad of unwanted skin conditions.  

Many of us are dehydrated

If we each took a tally of how much water we drink each day, most people would be surprised to find it’s not as much as they would think. In fact, many of us are actually regularly dehydrated. We often think we only need to focus on our water consumption in hot weather, but all of our body’s processes still need to function well regardless of the season and temperature.

The old adage “when you’re feeling thirsty you’re already dehydrated” is usually true.

How many times have you been thirsty today?

How much water is enough?

How much water we each need will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to our age, gender, diet, level of exertion, and the temperature of our environment. It pays to do some research for yourself but as a general rule, men need about 10 cups of fluids every day and women need about 8 cups.

Indira Organics products certainly help look after the moisture levels of our skin by nourishing from the outside-in but each of us is individually responsible for the inside-out part!

The simplest act of self-care each day is drinking water

The key, like most things in life, is to be consistent. Drinking water throughout the day keeps our hydration levels up and presents a moment to give ourselves something we truly need.

Just like one awesome facial each year is not going to compensate for treating our skin poorly the other 364 days of the year, a jug of water gulped down in one go because we forgot to drink anything for the last four hours because we were too busy isn’t ideal either! Let this be our reminder to take care of ourselves today, one glass of water at a time. 

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